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ok i posted a while back about a bracelet i had gotten for my ex bfs lil sister for xmas and i was going to get it engraved.but i have yet to get it engraved ive had the bracelet with the heart on it for a long time a few weeks before xmas but i just couldnt figure out what to put on it. i know i want shorty on it cause thats what ive always called her ever sicne 2001 and thats what i still call her now shes not annessa shes shorty to me and thats just my thing and she has a nickname for me. she just turned 14 and i love her like my own sister. anyways so i wanted it to say shorty on one side but on the other i wanted something that means something else but not anything gay so she wont be made fun of but then i was thinking today maybe
shorty (one side)
always (the other side)

cause shorty has more of a meaning than just shorty it means my sister and i have told her she will always be like a sis to me. or maybe

my sister always


i dunno realy need some advice have to get this out to her soon. any advice of anyone who would think of something good that means anything. if u want more info between the relationship between me and shorty ask. ive known her for 4 years and shes the only sister ill ever have so i truly love her like one. she was my family.

im thinking about going with
that way me and her know what it means and no one else really will ya know? please any help really appreciated.

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